Galveston County Youth Soccer

About the Club

Galveston County Youth Soccer (GCYS) was formed with a 2007 merger of the Dickinson Youth Soccer Club, the Galveston Youth Soccer Club, the Santa Fe Youth Soccer Club, and the Texas City Youth Soccer Club.

Galveston County Youth Soccer is a non-profit organization that promotes recreational and competitive soccer for the youth, ages 4 - 18, in the communities of Galveston County Texas. GCYS is organized and operated by parent volunteers. The parents of children playing soccer with GCYS make up the membership of GCYS. Annually, the membership elects a board of directors consisting exclusively of parents. This board serves as steward for the club and manages the day-to-day operations.

• Conduct Fall and Spring seasons of play each year
• Maintain and upgrade the soccer complex in Galveston, Texas City, Santa Fe, and Dickinson
• Host Summer Camps, Coaching Clinics, Parent Education meetings, and Referee Clinics
• Sponsor the Tune-Up tournament each year
• Promote the game of soccer in the Galveston County area and beyond
• Conduct a Monthly Club meeting, second Monday of every month. This meeting is open to all interested individuals.
• Dynamo’s “Student of the Game” program – free ticket to each registered player.

Our Mission at GCYS is to:
• Provide the children in the Galveston County area with a safe environment and excellent facility where they can train and develop their soccer skills.
• Promote an organized soccer program in the Galveston County area that can help children develop their physical, mental, and social skills and abilities, while they have fun learning life skills such as teamwork, self confidence, respect, and cooperation.
• Offer Galveston County area children the opportunity to train and develop their soccer abilities that many of them might not be able to participate in if a local program was not available.
• Assist children in their development as athletes and as individuals.

The GCYS program is designed to develop each individual player to his or her fullest potential while at the same time inspiring responsibility and commitment to a team. We believe strongly in developing a club that has technically sound, possession-oriented players who are very comfortable with the ball and who love the game.

GCYS is divided into three divisions (Developmental, Recreational, and Competitive), all cooperatively working together for the long term success of each soccer player. Developmental Soccer Program for U6 up to U10 players (Division IV) Recreational Soccer Program for U11 up to U19 players (Division III) Competitive Soccer Program for U12 up to U19 players (Division II, S2, & I).

GCYS is a member of the Bay Area Youth Soccer Association (BAYSA) and the South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA). GCYS complies with the authority, rules, and guidelines of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and Federation International de Futbol Association (FIFA).

GCYS Board of Directors
GCYS has an Executive Board of Directors consisting of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar along with various other Assistant/Coordinator/Director positions. The Executive Board has been established as a means to improve the overall functioning and communication of the Program. The Executive Board also serves as the oversight body for the Program and is in charge of interviewing, evaluating, and selecting coaches and trainers.

Executive Board Information here.

Revised March 19, 2014.