About Volunteers

GCYS Volunteers Make It All Possible!!
Galveston County Youth Soccer is supported by a group of talented and dedicated volunteers. We'd like to take every chance we can to send a huge THANK YOU!! to the folks who make such a big difference for our kids.

Volunteering for GCYS
GCYS and its members rely on volunteers for all of its operations. When parents show up at a field for their child's practice or a game, they may not realize the hundreds of hours of volunteer time that went into making it all happen. It literally takes an army of volunteers to organize a soccer season!

GCYS cannot function without the volunteer help from our parents and communities. Please consider the following volunteer opportunities and offer your time and talents to help our program be the best in the area.

Volunteering for GCYS is a great way to keep our excellent program of youth soccer continuing in Galveston County. You'll meet friendly new people or re-acquaint yourself with some you already know. You'll share a great experience together and have fun doing it. And you'll experience the satisfaction of seeing the joy on the faces of our children as they play the world's sport -- the Beautiful Game -- each year right here in the Galveston County area.

Whether you have just a few hours to spare, or are interested in a larger role, there are many opportunities for you to become involved and we encourage you to please help out where you can. Your kids will really appreciate it and you may be surprised at how much enjoyment you get from your efforts.

Previous soccer experience is NOT necessary. There are many activities that you can help with that don't require a soccer background at all.

We thank you in advance for volunteering your time for the benefit of our kids. It is greatly appreciated by all. Besides our kids, our volunteers are our most valuable assets!

There are many ways that you can help organize and produce the great soccer experience that our kids have every year.

To offer your help as a volunteer, please check out the Volunteer FAQs.

Galveston County Youth Soccer Needs You!!

Please consider getting involved!